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If you happened to be watching 6 ABC news last night or this morning, you may have caught Joyce Smith Photography on the air!  I was thrilled to photograph this beautiful expectant mother that many of you surely know.

If you'd like to view the piece, visit 6 ABC's parenting section.  Many thanks to all involved--what a treat!

Wishing S. all the best in the very exciting days ahead!


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While I was away this August, the hard copy of Professional Photographer magazine with my article on newborn safety arrived and I just realized that I never shared it here.  I especially wanted to show the pages with my adorable clients . . . this is for you, M. and R. families!

Stay tuned to the blog for some super exciting news that I hope to share very soon!


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the latest night at PHL to the loveliest flat in Kensington . . . a little bit of country in the city.

london arrival.jpg
a trip on the London Eye . . . that's Buckingham Palace amidst the greenery (and yes, we took "Flat Buttercup" many places and will compile a small storybook of the adventures of a would-be royal corgi in London)   : )

the eye.jpg

vacation means going to the museum . . . and unexpectedly splashing in the wading pool for two hours 

Thumbnail image for IMG_0122.JPG

and a visit to Kensington Palace 


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I'm so excited to have an article in this month's Professional Photographer magazine.  I had to peruse the digital edition today as I'm sure I'll be wandering the streets of London when my hard copy arrives in the mail.  And random bonus? One of my favorite photographers and friends is also in this issue, and what should grace the cover but my own mother's favorite dog breed?  Kismet!

I'm looking forward as well to teaching tomorrow's PPA webinar at 2pm EST.  See you then!

ppmag preivew.jpg

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TaraMc said:

Congratulations Joyce. What an honor to be featured in Professional Photographer magazine. :)

(08.01.11 @ 06:28 PM)
Reb said:

Yay! Yay! Yay! So excited to read the article ... Congrats again!

(08.01.11 @ 08:58 PM)
Marmalade said:

Vitally important tips! I'm so glad you lent your perspective to this issue.

HUGE congrats! I am so proud of and for you!!

(08.02.11 @ 05:26 PM)
Jill said:

Congratulations! I'm so happy for you!

(08.16.11 @ 12:51 PM)
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Isn't it lovely to gaze at artwork on the wall and find the people you adore most in the world?  While botanical illustrations can be quite nice, I dare say they do not trump these smiling faces (and puppy paws :)).  For those moments you'd prefer to keep tucked away, a beautiful matted fine art box is perfection.

If you'd like your Joyce Smith Photography wall portraits featured on the blog, please send me an e-mail with your images.  As you can see, iPhone snaps are okay! :)
samples for blog.jpg

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I have always maintained that website portfolios should be updated, at a minimum, every three months.  As I liked to laughingly tell my workshop attendees, however, this is a case of "do as I say, not as I do!"  While I kept up with my quarterly updates for years, 2010 got away from me and, when I updated the site last night, I realized that it had indeed been 9 months since the last refreshing.  Mea culpa!

View the shiny new images and offerings at the site and, for those photographers reading, update your own galleries!!

Picture 6.jpg

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I'm thrilled to be teaching an online mini-workshop for photographers over at The Bloom Forum this April!!!  Registration begins at 10am EST tomorrow morning and you can read all about it on the Everything Bloom blog. Attendees must be members of the forum, so if you're thinking of joining now is the time.  Hope to see you there!!! :)

One more reminder . . . the studio is closed from now through April 6th.  Any phone calls and e-mails will be returned after we reopen.  Thank you and happy spring, all!

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We have all heard the Forrest Gump expression ad nauseum--or rather those of us who remember, unlike the current crop of American Idol hopefuls, the mid-1990s have! But I digress . . . . 

For the past two workshops I've taught for other photographers, I decided to make the "real home" shoot very real indeed, in the sense that I've never visited the home nor met the family prior to the workshop.  In the workshop two weeks ago, I showed up with the 11 attendees to the house of the W. family, not knowing what I was "going to get."  Just as sometimes you get your favorite caramel in a box or chocolates on the first try, sometimes you get a joyful, colorful home full of laughter when you need it most.  Thank you, W. family, and thank you to all of the attendees!  These children were simply adorable and handled their 12 new BFF photographers with such grace.  

A few housekeeping notes: 1) There will be no additional workshops this year. Winter has been surprisingly busy (so many newborns--love!) but spring through the rest of the year is always busier and it does not look like there is room in the schedule. 2) For those portrait clients who have a spring/early summer session in mind, do let me know!  We are currently booking late May and the summer and will be closed for the month of August this year.  3) We'll be closed starting tomorrow, the 23rd, through April 6th.  All e-mails and phone calls will be returned beginning April 6th.  Thank you!

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With all of the rain today, I have to admit I might be missing the snow just a little bit (ssshhh!!). It was so lovely to see the S. family once again this winter and meet the newest member of their family.  I can just feel the serenity of the snow-covered landscape and hear the giggles inside their warm, cozy home here.  Thank you, S. family!

A housekeeping note: I will be spending tomorrow and the weekend with the fabulous ladies traveling to the Main Line for an extraordinary workshop.  I know from experience that these days are lively, long, and punctuated only by the deepest of sleep in between.  In other words, I am incommunicado except for the workshop until Monday!  :)  Have a wonderful, thankfully drier weekend!

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While in Las Vegas last week learning at WPPI, I saw many, MANY sparkly things. These shoes were among the prettiest. 

A few quick housekeeping notes . . . the next {extra}ordinary worskhop is just around the corner, March 12-13.  I've just had one space become available--let me know right away if you'd like it!  Attendees will be hearing from me tomorrow with more details about the trip!

Also, the studio will be closed from March 26-April 6th for family vacation. I've promised no e-mails, no calls, nada . . . so try to catch me before March 26th so I and my iPad can stay out of trouble. : )

Loads of sessions will be coming to the blog soon.  2011 has been the busiest JSP winter on record and spring sessions are now booking in May.  If you have your heart set on cherry blossoms this year, now is the time.

Best wishes to all of my readers and thank you for visiting the blog!


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